Thursday, December 10, 2009

The French Revolution

I honestly don't believe this war has ended. In fact, it probably never will. The French have a beautiful sort of outlook on life, here's how I'd sum it up:

Change = you are trying to take away my right to [insert right here], so now I'm going to grab my flag and parade down the street wearing bright orange, smiling like it's the best day of my life -- until I see a camera, then I'm going to get REALLY REALLY mad, I'm talkin' worked up, and try to get an interview; during which I will try to justify my rage, and 80% of it will be total bullshit.

If I were French, I would read that last sentence and say:
"You said it yourself, 20% of it is real."

Don't take my word for it. Take any example of reform from the last twenty years if you want to see how it works over here. Today is another case ironically.There is (yet another) train strike happening. Don't ask me why, the strikes are so frequent I've stopped paying attention to them all together. I used to google them to find out why, but now I can't even find that anymore. The reasoning has been replaced with 1 line of bored commentary:
"yeah yeah, blah blah, strike tomorrow, 1 train out of 5, yadda yadda."
Followed by an hour of riveting soccer reporting.

Before you frenchies reading this go jumping down my throat, there are legitimate reasons to strike. There. I said it. Stop going "pphuuuuuuuh" and shaking your head at me. I defended your coveted right to pout.

Being on the outside, to me it's a part of the culture to revolt against anything & everything. What you're out of Camembert? STRIKE!! No more Cheval Blanc?? DOUBLE STRIKE!!! You've stopped making Champagne??? DEATH! DEEEAA--euuuh.. err.. a tad O-T-T... RIIIOOOOOOOT!!

If the proposed change is not immediately forgotten, the aforementioned clan of whiners will roll over and spin on their backs, howling like three year olds. I guess I can't really blame them, if my culture were totally aclamated to my not going to work for any reason whatsoever then I'd stay home one day a month too.

Hmm... I'm running low on shampoo... you know what that means. 3-day weekend, here I come!!

ps - bet you a baguette you didn't notice the photograph, phuuuuuuuh.

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  1. accusation in court also cool regarding words and phrases! :)
    good job!


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